The Kill Joys @ Zürcher Theater Spektakel

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The Kill Joys Zürcher Theater Spektakel

The Kill Joys are coming (again) to the land of Dadaism, the clocks and the chocolate. In the formation of both human beings, Hyunsin and Magda, for the first time in Zurich! Take your lonely soul and your exhausted body and get refreshed with our DIY energy!! Zürcher Theater Spektakel on the 24th and 25th of August at 10pm @Zentralbühne. After Vienna, again free entry (YES)!


The Kill Joys @ IMPULSTANZ Wien

The Kill Joys in Vienna

Copyright Christian Cattelan

Thank you for everybody who came out to Burgtheater Vienna on the 3rd of August when we were playing at 11pm at Impulstanz Vienna. Thank you for the great feedbacks. Thank you for your generosity. It was loud, chaotic and wild. Together with you, we were not going to mince matters in the face of racism and sexism happening in Vienna! Thank you for that. We will be back @ Zürcher Theater Spektakel on the 24th and 25th of August and hope to cut the shit out of patriarchy!

IMPULSTANZ here I come!

Olivia Hyunsin Kim- SHE CAME, SHE SAW, SHE SAID- MEME _Anna Agliardi-1829

Copyright Anna Agliardi


I have been selected as one of the 68 applicants of over 920 application for the danceweb scholarship!! Sooo I will be spending the next 5 weeks in Vienna @ Impulstanz! This would have been not possible without the support of ARKO, Impulstanz and of course YOU!! Thank you!

PS: The Kill Joys will be playing at the festival center on the 3rd of August @ 23:00!! So if you are around, come around, coz what goes around comes around right?!

The MADE Festival’s Jury Comment on the selection of “she came, she saw, she said: meme”

As already mentioned I am very happy that “she came, she saw, she said: meme” has been selected for the MADE Festival! Today I saw the jury’s comment on the website and wanted to share it with a big Thank You to my collaborators, my supporters, the festival organizers, the jury and you people who keep looking here for some news! I can’t even put in words how excited I am and will be for the MADE Festival and she having a come-back!


Copyright Katharina Hauke


“Die selbstgefällige Meinung, man habe längst durchschaut, wie und was man auf andere Menschen und Kulturen projiziert, wird von dieser Performance klug und virtuos aufgelöst.”
(ENG: The self-proclaimed opinion that one as a spectator has already finished the job of how to perceive and what to project on other people and their culture, is being dismantled in a smart and virtuosic way.)
– MADE.Jury

Invitation to “INVERSUM”

The next performance(s) are awaiting!!

On the 12th of May at 18:30 “INVERSUM” will be born @ Mousonturm Frankfurt. Afterwards it will be (re)born two more times (for now) on the 13th of May at 16:00 and 18:30.

Though it is not my own project, I have been working on the project of director Isabella Roumiantsev for the past weeks as a choreographer and would love to see you there.


A performer, a dancer and the universe. The endlessly large is mirrored in the endlessly small. Between them lies a water basin, around which the audience sits as if attending a ritual. The acoustic intensity of the dance performance INVERSUM directs ears and eyes towards the heavens. But for Isabella Roumiantsev this is neither sublime nor harmonious, but rather dissociative, arrhythmic, twisted, and paranoid: “Scattered into innumerable particles, the cosmic body seeks out its integrity as an endlessly vast space, which stretches outwards beyond itself. In a billion year’s cycle it suffocates in its own void and gives birth to itself, over and over again. Substance, identity, space and time are inverted and distorted in its restless sleep. The cosmos pursues its own paradox into a reality, in which it can decipher itself.”

Gallery Reflections #1 Urban Decolonisation and Diasporic Formations, TONIGHT

I would like to invite you to this gallery talk TONIGHT! For those who cannot make it, there will be a recording also soon.

Gallery reflections is a series of public discussions on institutions, artistic critique, and curatorial practices moderated by anthropologist Jonas Tinius. The encounters take place in the ifa-gallery as part of the annual programme, crisscrossing the overall themes and decentring the focal points of the annual programme Untie to tie: Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies at IFA-Galerie Berlin

gallery reflections #1
Urban Decolonisation and Diasporic Formations
Thursday, 4 May 2017 – 7pm

A conversation between Dr Noa Ha (Center for Metropolitan Studies, TU Berlin; research fields: postcolonial urbanism, Asian diasporas in European cities; Board member of “Migrationsrat Berlin-Brandenburg”), Trang Tran Thu (Berlin Asian Film Network/Anthropologist working on Vietnamese diaspora in Berlin), Hyunsin Kim (Choreographer and Performer), and Dr Jonas Tinius (Anthropologist, CARMAH/HU Berlin).

ifa-galerie Berlin
Linienstraße 139
10115 Berlin- Mitte