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Olivia Hyunsin Kim, formerly known as Hyunsin Liv Kim, comes from a non-traditional dance background involving a self-taught Lambada education at age 4 which she practiced on the streets of Siegen, a small no-to-spectacle-university-town in Germany. After she forgot her moves in Lambada, she tried her performing skills in several Speech Competitions. Her most successful gig was being dressed up as a radio, singing ‘Imagine’ from John Lennon and well, talking about world peace. Then she went on to finish her BA in Literature with a focus in International Relations at Seoul National University. While studying, she was involved in the Performance Scene in Seoul, Korea.

After some turbulent happenings, she decided to become a choreographer and since then works mainly in Germany, the U.K. and Korea. Her work mainly focuses on identity and memory, especially the influence of memory in identity construction. To make it even more of a mingle of East and West, she plays with the visible/invisible and reality/fiction. The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) spirit is always a core of her work. Her works range from dancey dance to film and installation.

She started with Hula Dance and Theatre at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa and then went on to study dance at Tanzfabrik Berlin and Falmouth University (Dartington College of Arts). She also studied the Master in Choreography and Performance(CuP) at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies Gießen and Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts(HfMDK). She has been a recipient of the DAAD Scholarship, the Newcomer Fund of the Berlin Senat, the Rebecca Skelton Fund, the Erasmus Scholarship and the Seoul Natinonal University Scholarship etc.

Her works have been shown at Sophiensaele (Berlin), Uferstudios (Berlin), Mousonturm (Frankfurt),  Yeulmaru (Yeosu), Performance Center (Falmouth) and many more. She has been participating at festivals such as Tanznacht 2012, Ausufern/Tanz im August 2013, Yeosu International Art Festival 2014 and Tanztage Berlin 2016 among others.


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What’s ddanddara?

‘ddanddara(딴따라)’ is a Korean word which stands for artists or entertainers.People say this word has been derived from the sound of a trumpet. However, the origin is not that clear. The thing what one knows is that it depicts artists as “non-serious beings”, usually in a negative way. However, I want to exceed its negativity and get back to its core. I want to have fun, fun with myself, fun with you, fun with them and fun with us. A moment of freedom in a freaking world! ddanddarakim is a lose network of people I know and work with.